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Covid certainly made 2020 an interesting and busy year for us. I started getting inquiries as early as April, asking if I could put up the lights early since there was nothing else to do and people needed something uplifting. Always nice to hear from folks and we do appreciate all the positive support. We of course stuck to our normal schedule and launched the day after Thanksgiving. Because of Covid, we required everyone outside to follow covid protocols and Dan created a bucket on a stick for the Union Vale Fire Dept which enabled a 6ft plus distance. We were 100% successful and no one contracted covid because of the light display. It was nearly a record year for donations and if we had run as many nights as we did in 2014, the Guinness year, we would have broken the record. The charities collected over $80,048 bringing our total so far to $496,623. Sincerest thanks to all of those that contribute and especially to the UVFD that collects most nights – out in the cold.

Our major updates were a RGB ‘ Merry Christmas’, where the #TOPTHAT use to be, and violet Meteor Lights.