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It was a nice calm season for us and we enjoyed the time we shared with all of the local charities and the Union Vale Fire Department we support through the donations collected at our light display. Altogether we raised over $60k in 2022 bringing our total to almost $650k. We hope we can keep this going long enough to reach $1M. While Ryan McElfroy Foundation was collecting they handed out over 400 presents to kids driving through - so generous.

We updated one of the original display elements from 2007. In 2007, when we first choreographed the light display we added two sets of 15 mini trees, each with white lights and 1 other color. We remade one of the sets to RGB in 2022 and will do the 2nd set in 2023. We also added two more of the shooting stars that Dan created in 2021 and we will be adding 2 more in 2023.

We did a bunch of local news including News12 - they are always a pleasure to have on site as well as Fox. On 12/20 we had our 20th marrigage proposal in 2022 - congratulations to Matthew and Victoria. We had a cool visitor from Conneticut - Big Red all decked out.

The most memorable experience of 2022 occurred because of an idea that Dan McMorris had. He had seen the national news articles about Delaney Krings - the beautiful 5 year old from Wisconsin that was suffering from a brain tumor. He had the idea to have a dedication to her with the song "Let it Go" which was from her favorite movie "Frozen". He worked with members of the UVFD and they arranged for over 100 emergency response vehicles to drive by the house all decked out for Delaney. There were fire trucks from Mass, Conn, New Hampshire, and New Jersey. In all over 100 vehicles paraded past our light display over about 15 minutes. Nicole Vawter a Journalist Student from Marist captured the event which you can see a short summary here: