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  Letter from New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo  


2018 Display Update

The display runs nightly starting at 4:45 from 11/23 - 12/27. Sunday - Thursday, it ends at 9:30. Friday and Saturday, and 12/24 -26 it will run to about 10:30 Tune to 95.3.

This year we have remade what we refer to as your Main Cable – the first cable originally put up by Uncle Brian.  Since we animated the display back in 2007, it has held two large stars and a heart.  In 2009 we remade our heart, and in 2010 we remade the stars in LED – these live on, on a new cable running parallel to the driveway when you first pull in.  The original cable will still have a heart and two stars but now they are RGB.  We have also added a 40ft rail which will run along the cable.
We are not adding many songs this year as we already have so many.  Instead,  I’ve dropped many of the old non Christmas songs from the show loops.  Each night will be a different show so if you visit multiple nights you’ll likely hear different songs.

Our light count is coming in around 606,000 which is the most ever and exceeds our Guinness Record set in 2014 for the first time.   We are now up to 1,608 individually computer controlled items outside!


Thanks For Visiting